Dispute at Schanzenfest in Hamburg

The Schanzenfest 2012 ended with dispute between residents, activists of Rote Flora and young rioters.
When people started a fire in front of Rote Flora, they were stopped by residents and other so called „Autonomous“. Two people were injured with knifes and transported to hospital. When masked youth smashed a bank, police came with water cannons. 40 people attacked the police with stones and bottles, 13 arrested. The riot was over very fast because organized groups did not participate.

Indigenas in Columbia fight against Endesa Enel, Emerald Energy and others

Sabato 13 agosto 2012. In località El Hobo, al kilometro 59 la Minga formata da indigeni e contadini del dipartimento del Huila, mobilitata per cacciare le multnazionali che saccheggiano il territorio (tra l’altro Emdesa dell’Enel italiana), riconsegnare la terra alle popolazioni e farla finita con la guerra, ha dovuto subire il duro attacco degli squadroni antisommossa della polizia colombana (ESMAD). Per oltre 5 ore contadini ed indigeni si sono difesi con bastoni e pietre da manganelli, gas lacrimogeni, granate piene di schegge metalliche, e persino da armi da fuoco. Alla fne della giornata i due poliziotti fatti prigionieri dai manifestanti sono stati scambiati con il contadino detenuto dalla polizia. Il saldo è di circa 30 feriti di cui 7 ESMAD

Riots in Kurdistan

Young people attacked turkish police cause of 28th anniversary of the beginning of armed struggle against turkish reppression in the south east region.

Youth clash with police in France

In AMIENS France Youth jeered and jostled the French interior minister on Tuesday in the city of Amiens, where he met local officials following riots in which police were fired at with buckshot and pelted with missiles.President Francois Hollande said the state would „mobilize all its resources to combat this violence“, which has shaken depressed quarters of major French cities at regular intervals in the past decade.Unrest is often blamed on a combination of poor job prospects, racial discrimination, a widespread sense of alienation from mainstream society and perceived hostile policing. ‚Youth clash with police in France‘ weiterlesen

Conflicts between citizens and state

Some conflicts in the last weeks:
– July 4,The Prime Minister of Peru has declared a state of emergency and openly condemned deaths which occurred during clashes at long-running protests over a US firm’s plans to build the biggest mine in the country’s history.

Three people died (two of them thought to be police officers) and at least 21 were injured as police, using tear gas and rubber bullets, battled with protestors opposed to the new £3m gold mine in Cajamarca. ‚Conflicts between citizens and state‘ weiterlesen

What the enemy thinks about UK Riots

One year after the riots in the UK, a lot of words are written in capitalist media. It is not only stupid stuff because it gives information about the next step of counterinsurgency.
Read this summary in the Guardian

More clashes in Valsusa

There was a demonstration in Val di Susa against TAV on June 27 with about 500 people. They clashed with police.

Riots break out during massive student protest in Chile

More than 100.000 Chilean students and workers packed La Alameda, in the capital Santiago demanding free education for all during a cold and rainy day, 28.June 2012. The protesters walked in front of the Presidential Palace, La Moneda, and the Ministry of Education.

The Confederation of Chilean Students (Confech) accused the police of suppressing the massive march with attacks and tear gas, despite the fact that they had committed tehmeselves not to intervene.

The main motto of the chilean students protest is „In an unequal country we should all fight. Free public education to change society“.

Letter from an Asturias miner

We have translated this letter from a retired Asturias miner, responding to comments about the struggle and talking about his experiences. He explains a lot of the background to the dispute:

I’ve worked for twenty five years in the mines. I first went down the mine when I was 18 and I would like to say that I am amazed by a lot of comments that I’m reading about mining and early retirement. I’m going to give you my perspective.

Firstly the struggle which the miners are carrying out at the moment isn’t to ask for money. It is that they respect the agreement that was signed last year between the Ministry of Industry and the miners’ unions, and which had subsidies designated until 2018. This money was from the European Community and not from the Spanish government. It isn’t money that came from any Spanish people to help us as many people who are criticising us so much seem to think. ‚Letter from an Asturias miner‘ weiterlesen

Police and Demonstrators clash in Bologna

When PM Mario Monti visited Bologna on June 16, people attacked police and Deutsche Bank. 10 pigs were injured. The protest was against new austerity, which the italian government anounced. The big unions called for this demonstrations.

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