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Solidarität mit den Randalierern in England!

Freitag, September 2nd, 2011

Wir solidarisieren uns mit den Menschen, die nach der Ermordung von Mark Duggan durch die Polizei, diese in mehreren Städten bekämpft haben und dabei geplündert haben.

In contrary with the British politicians and mainstream media, the riots in England are no “mindless violence“ and “criminal acts“, but the direct consequence of government cuts, which are especially damaging to poor neighbourhoods. decennialong social deprivation and often unpunished police violence.
The riots were short, but vehement and took place from 6 untill 10th of august 2011 (mehr …)

Generalstrike in Chile

Donnerstag, August 25th, 2011

Riots broke out in different Cities in Chile. A 48 hour generalstrike was held against injustice in education and health system. 350 people got arrested.

800 Festnahmen bei Bildungsprotest in Chile

Sonntag, August 7th, 2011

Bei einer verbotenen Demonstration am 4.August in Santiago gingen zahlreiche StudentInnen, Schüler und Lehrpersonal für mehr Gerechtigkeit in der Bildungspolitik auf die Strasse. Der Protest wurde von Sondereinheiten niedergeschlagen und über 800 Menschen festgenommen. Weitere Proteste sind angekündigt.

Aufstand der Migranten in Bari (Italien)

Sonntag, August 7th, 2011

Hundreds of immigrants in Bari detention centre for immigrants have blocked roads and tracks near the centre in protest against the bureaucratic delays that delay the release of the status of refugees. Clashes in Isola Capo Rizzuto, in front of the reception centre.
In Bari, the migrants blocked Highway 16 in both directions and the railway line that passes close to Cara. The police have intervened massively. Violent clashes, dozens of injuries among agents, thirty arrested. The situation was a mess all morning, until the start of a negotiation and, at 2pm, at the end of the protest when the prefect of Bari provided written guarantees to respond to immigrants by Wednesday.
The rail traffic on the Bari-Foggia was interrupted between Bari and Bari Palese Airport Industrial Zone. This caused the cancellation of 12 regional trains and delays for many long-distance trains.
Shortly after clashes began between immigrants and the police. Some demonstrators armed with stones and iron bars attacked police. Police cars were damaged. Immigrants also attacked a bus, with stones. Most immigrants come from Central Africa: Mali, Nigeria and Cameroon.
They lit some fires along the railway line and placed rocks on the tracks. The blocks were gradually removed by the police and the Railway employees. With a series of charges and the use of tear gas the police have made the protesters retreat to the area of ​​Cara. Immigrants, however, continued to resist and were armed with iron bars and stones.

Riots in Bremen

Freitag, Juli 22nd, 2011

In the night of july 10, some people started playing football on a street in Bremen. This was in an area with some punks, subcultural and autonomous habitants.
Then police started attacks against the crowed. People respondet with stones and bottles, injuring nine cops. 13 people got arrested. This area has seen some troubles in the last years. Now the city and massmedia say its a dangerous district which needs more law and order.

Clashes with police in Berlin

Dienstag, Juli 19th, 2011

Saturday evening on July 16th, a demonstration started in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It was organized from anarchist and autonmous groups in remembrance of the 10th aniversary of the killing of Carlo Giuliani.

There was no permission asked for the demo what is not allowed in Germany. The demo was joined by 1000 people and was attacked after a few hundred meters by riot police. The demo was split and defended themselves with stones, bottles and firework.
People builded barricades and involved the police in an three hour riot in the streets of Kreuzberg.
A lot of habitants and tourists from bars joined the demonstrators in the fight against cops.
The police also was hit with steel balls from catapults and a molotov cocktail.
34 pigs are injured, a lot of their cars damaged.
about 30 people arrested but all free now.
unknown number of people hurt by police.

Now the 10th aniversary of killing Carlo Giuliani is in german media.

Polizei greift erneut Bildungsdemo in Chile an

Samstag, Juli 16th, 2011

Am 14.Juli haben die Carabineros erneut eine Demonstration in Santiago de Chile angegriffen. An dieser hatten 200.000 Menschen teilgenommen, darunter viele Studenten und Studentinnen sowie Schüler. Der Angriff erfolgte als die Demo zum Regierungssitz ziehen wollte.

Mossos attack demonstrators in Barcelona

Samstag, Mai 28th, 2011

The katalan police „Mossos d´Esquadra“ and the local police „Guardia Urbana“ have beaten up the peacefull occupation of Placa Catalunya in Barcelona. This place was squatted since may 15 as protest against the governement, as in other citys in Spain. On may 27 police attacked with sticks and rubber bullets.
After a while people resisted:

Generalstreik am 11.Mai in Griechenland

Freitag, Mai 13th, 2011

In Athens 20.000 joined a demonstration against the terror of IMF, EU, World Bank and the PASOK governement, who are steeling everything from the people. The demonstration started peacefull but at Syntagma MAT attacked with tear gas and flash bang. A lot of demonstrators were beaten and send to hospital, 60 persons arrested.

Then protesters started to defend themselves with stones and molotovs:

Anarchists tried to defend Exarchia against police invasion but pigs came to Exarchia Square: (mehr …)


Dienstag, Mai 3rd, 2011

Riots broke out in Hamburg on a demonstration against gentrification.
A car of the german army was burnt.

Berlin-Neukölln, Revolutionary Demonstration starts attack against banks and police. (mehr …)