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Riots in Mayotte

Sonntag, Dezember 18th, 2011

Two years ago, mass media and politicans accepted a revolt against the expansive life in the french occupied teritorium of Mayotte as an social uprising:

The situation did not get better for people wich are not WHITE. Mayotte is called a part of EU but it is a french colony between Madagaskar and Mosambique. Police says 60.000 people are illegal migrants from surrounding islands.

Now there are new tensions and confrontations between poor people and the french police and the media blames this as racism against the RICH and WHITE french elite of Mayotte:

Castor train arrived in Gorleben

Dienstag, November 29th, 2011

The train with nuclear waste from La Hague (France) arrived in Gorleben (West Germany).
After a trip of nearly five and a half days from Normandy in France the 13th delivery of processed German nuclear waste reached the “temporary” storage hall in Gorleben, a village in northwest Germany at about 10 pm on Monday +++ Police perpetrated massive violence and breaches of the law against demonstrators, injuring at least 355 with truncheons, gas, dogs, horses and water cannons +++ The 25,000 activists in the county were the second largest number ever +++ Resistance against the shipment began in France where activists reported police violence against them but also an upsurge of anti-nuclear sentiment in the country +++ In the Gorleben area resistance took the form of rail and road squats, chain-ons (one caused a 14-hour delay in the train journey) and massive road traffic disruptions, notably by farmers with tractors and agricultural machinery +++

The forest area between Leitstade and Hitzacker turned into a battlefield. Police spokesman said that about 450 „Chaoten“ (witch means Anarchists/Antifa/Antiautoritäre/radical left) attacked police forces in the most violent ways ever seen. These people used guerrilla methods and attacked in small or bigger groups the police with molotovs, stones, sticks, pepperspray, paintbombs, laserpointer and crowlegs.
Police says that patrol cars drove into traps and that 133 cops are injured, 20 of them not able to work anymore. 21 police cars are damaged.

International Solidarity call for protesting against the nuclear waste transportation

Montag, Oktober 17th, 2011

Since decades a lot of people are fighting against the use of nuclear power which is the preferred power of the German government.This fight, which was also very militant, brought some successes, but however, Germany is still one of the leading nuclear exporters and operates several nuclear power stations. Ignoring the danger of nuclear power, German nuclear power stations producing new waste every day, even after Fukushima.
This nuclear waste is treated in France and then transported back to Germany by train.
These nuclear waste transports are a focal point in the civil and autonomous resistance. Each year thousands of people try to stop the train. There are always clashes with the police. This year the nuclear waste train will reach the interim storage facility at Gorleben between the 25th and the 28th of November, where the radioactive waste will radiate into space for the next twenty thousand years. To stop this train, there will be numerous protests along the transportation route. You can find more information under , unfortunately only in German. Everybody who has the time to stop with a lot of people the nuclear waste train directly, has to come to „Wendland“ in this period. There will be direct confrontations with the police.
Also the distance from La Hague in France to Dannenberg is suitable for sabotage. To all those who have no time or resources to travel, the call also means to harm the interests of the German atomic state in your region in this period (november and december). The German nuclear state is supported by all its diplomatic missions, German cultural institutions and the major German enterprises. The Deutsche Bahn is the company, which transports the nuclear waste through Germany, the nuclear power stations are built by Siemens and operated by Vattenfall, Eon and RWE. Many banks care with credits for a smooth process of German nuclear business with the goal to earn even in a possible radioactive contamination desaster or in the event of an accident in the reconstruction, as in Chernobyl.
Germany will fall in a deep hollow with its nuclear policy, if they don´t change!
Therefore: decentralized actions against Germany in November and December!
For a life without nuclear waste!