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Resistance against police worldwide

Mittwoch, Februar 22nd, 2012

From Russian Newspaper:

St. Petersburg law enforcers have filed a new criminal case against award-winning Voina art group for burning down an armored police truck on New Year’s Eve. They also addressed the group, whose activists are in hiding, via news web site late last week.

Late on Dec. 31, a Voina activist climbed over a fence surrounding Police Precinct No. 71 on the Petrograd Side and set fire to a massive Ural truck using Molotov cocktails as an art stunt called “Cop’s Auto-Da-Fe, or Fucking Prometheus,” Voina spokesman and chronicler Alexei Plutser-Sarno said on his blog.

The statement said the armored Ural police truck was targeted because it was a prison-on-wheels used for holding and transporting detainees.

“This is our modest New Year present to political prisoners from a group of artists,” Voina’s Oleg Vorotnikov said in an email interview this week. (mehr …)