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Police protect Nazi demonstration in Magdeburg

Mittwoch, Januar 16th, 2013

Fascist police units protected a demonstration of about 1.000 Neonazi scums in Magdeburg on January 12.
The Neonazis went on the streets to remind the air strike against Magdeburg in WW2. This anual march caused the intervention of some hundred Antifas. Autonomous groups tried to stop the Nazis but were attacked by 2.000 Police pigs from all parts of Germany.

TV-News lamenting the destruction of Magdeburg by allied air force in the war and the violence of Antifa:

It was difficult to get some Nazis but some were damaged. Police used violence against peacefull demonstrators, 19 pigs were injured by stones.
The aim of stopping the Nazis was not accomplished, antifa action were not attended by enough people to break the Police and informations were coming to late on this day. At least 20 people were arrested.

Video from police deployment:

In the city center people started small riots, smashing a Jobcenter and some banks, police cars and the police union. Fotos 1, 2.

German Police protects Nazi Demonstration

Mittwoch, Juni 6th, 2012

Hamburg saw a demonstration of 700 fascist on June 2nd. Three demonstration of about 4000 Antifa attempted to stop the Nazi march.
The police deployed 4400 officers with watercannons, tanks, helicopters and horses to protect the nazi scum.
The evening before the demonstration, 11 police cars have been burned in front of a hotel. During the riot on Saturday another police car got burned. Burning barricades forced police and nazidemonstration to take a short way from one train station to the next one.
An unkown number of Antifa was injured, 700 were arrested for a short time and 17 people have bee arrested for serious allegations.
They are free now. 38 police officers were injured.

Berlin: Police attacks Antifa Demonstration

Dienstag, November 29th, 2011

Special Forces from Berlin Police were not able to support other police forces in the Castor train to Gorleben because they smashed a demonstration of Antifa and kurdish people.
This demonstration was against faschismus, the criminalization of PKK and the collaboration of german secrect service with the Nazi terror group NSU.
Kreuzberg 26/11/2011:
80 cops injured, 100 people arrested.