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German labor minister caused riots in Naples

Montag, November 26th, 2012

When german labour minister Ursula von der Leyen visted Naples on November 13, some thousand students, workers and unemployed took to the streets for protest.
The german minister is a symbol for the destruction of worker rights, wage cuts and brutal capitalism. Police had to defend the venue of the minister:

This was November 14.

Montag, November 19th, 2012

The international actionday 14N was used by thousands of people arround the world to show their rage against capitalist order.

A manifestation in Lisbon against the plans of the government to cut in all budgets started peacefully, but after a while the atmosphere grew more grim and ended up in charges of the police against the demonstrators. The area near the parliament ended up burning. Riots like this did not happen for a long time in Lisbon. In the city center dozens of ATMs got vandalized. (mehr …)

International Actionday 14th of November

Donnerstag, Oktober 25th, 2012

What´s going on at the 14th of November? There is a call for a General Strike in several countries and the security services gave a foretaste in the last weeks what they think about it. The radical left in Europe has only one month left to consider something how to operate in this day also in the countries where no general strike takes place. (mehr …)

Students move in America

Mittwoch, Oktober 24th, 2012

Costa Rica: Students Protest Veto of ‘Photocopying Law‘
Thousands of students participated in a march in San José on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, protesting for their right to photocopy textbooks for educational purposes.

The unrest was caused by President Chinchilla vetoing Bill 17342 (known as the ‘Photocopying Law’) which seeks to amend Law No 8039 on Procedures for Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, on the grounds that it removes protection of the work and intellectual property in the artistic, literary and technological areas. (mehr …)

Youth against Police in Madrid

Montag, Oktober 22nd, 2012

When civil agents from police tried to arrest a young man during a festival October 12, other people confronted to them. Police says that they were attacked by members of gangs. 37 people were injured in the riot and shops got smashed. 11 people were arrested and mass media is searching for reasons of this trouble.

Pigs in Spain went crazy

Freitag, September 28th, 2012

A peacfull demonstration, blocking parliament in Madrid was confronted with police violence. 100.000 people protested on September 25 against austerity politics in Spain. Special riot units from Policia Nacional attacked. It took some time before people resisted.

Tens of thousands of people from all over Spain converged on the capital Sept. 25 to surround and occupy the Congress. More than 1,300 members of the police were awaiting them as all access to the area near the Congress was shut off. Dissidents filled Madrid’s streets to protest recent cuts to education, the health system and pensions, plus the increase of the sales tax to 20 percent. The Spanish government is carrying out these austerity measures to help pay off the 100 billion euro bailout delivered to national banks this past summer by the European Union. Galvanized by the government’s actions, social movements and unions have mobilized demanding a referendum on the austerity process and a new constitution among other things.

As the concentration grew in the late evening around the Fuente de Neptuno, a few blocks from the Congress, the police reacted by cordoning areas of the protest and dividing it into smaller sections.

Support wild partys!

Freitag, September 28th, 2012

What do young, bored people in a rich country if the come together in an uncontrolled situation?
May be this:

On September 21 in Haren, (NL) a Facebook party of a 16 year old girl lost control and people started riots. Police got attacked and shops destroyed. Some cars burned. 35 people arrested another 30 injured as 500 cops stopped the party.

Police attacked at demonstration in Chile

Montag, September 17th, 2012

A demonstration took place in Santiago September 9., to commemorate the 39th anniversary of the Pinochet- Coup.
Thousands of people from different political groups and families of prisoners and murdered victims of the dictatorship came together at Plaza Los Héroes.
The riots started when people attacked a ministery, commercials, banks and police with stones and molotovs. The confrontation ended at 15:00 at the cementerio. (mehr …)

Dispute at Schanzenfest in Hamburg

Donnerstag, September 6th, 2012

The Schanzenfest 2012 ended with dispute between residents, activists of Rote Flora and young rioters.
When people started a fire in front of Rote Flora, they were stopped by residents and other so called „Autonomous“. Two people were injured with knifes and transported to hospital. When masked youth smashed a bank, police came with water cannons. 40 people attacked the police with stones and bottles, 13 arrested. The riot was over very fast because organized groups did not participate.

Indigenas in Columbia fight against Endesa Enel, Emerald Energy and others

Freitag, August 24th, 2012

Sabato 13 agosto 2012. In località El Hobo, al kilometro 59 la Minga formata da indigeni e contadini del dipartimento del Huila, mobilitata per cacciare le multnazionali che saccheggiano il territorio (tra l’altro Emdesa dell’Enel italiana), riconsegnare la terra alle popolazioni e farla finita con la guerra, ha dovuto subire il duro attacco degli squadroni antisommossa della polizia colombana (ESMAD). Per oltre 5 ore contadini ed indigeni si sono difesi con bastoni e pietre da manganelli, gas lacrimogeni, granate piene di schegge metalliche, e persino da armi da fuoco. Alla fne della giornata i due poliziotti fatti prigionieri dai manifestanti sono stati scambiati con il contadino detenuto dalla polizia. Il saldo è di circa 30 feriti di cui 7 ESMAD