The international actionday 14N was used by thousands of people arround the world to show their rage against capitalist order.

A manifestation in Lisbon against the plans of the government to cut in all budgets started peacefully, but after a while the atmosphere grew more grim and ended up in charges of the police against the demonstrators. The area near the parliament ended up burning. Riots like this did not happen for a long time in Lisbon. In the city center dozens of ATMs got vandalized.

Big demonstrations all over Spain and striking workerst were attacked by police. A total of four ATM cash points were attacked with blunt objects in the city of Pontevedra, Galicia, in the night of Tuesday 13th to Wednesday 14th of November. The action was in tune with the general strike, and the following pamphlet was left by the destroyed cash points.


More about Barcelona

In many cities students clashed with police.



On Wednesday, November 14th, 2012, in the former pedagogical faculty of Santiago, while a cultural commemorative act was coming to an end — in remembrance of the combatant Alex Lemún, who was murdered at the age of 17 exactly ten years ago, in 2002, by the dogs of democracy and Capital, and at the same time that two Mapuche political prisoners began another hunger strike, a group of 30–35 hooded youths stormed into the university campus, setting up burning barricades in the corner of the Macul and Grecia avenues to halt the circulation of indifferent people, aka living merchandise.

They made way for direct action and confrontation, throwing Molotov cocktails at the cops who guarded the consumption centres in the area. Soon thereafter, the arsonists retracted since the air was stifling at the gate located closer to the Grecia Avenue.

A supermarket was looted in Exarchia.

Some clandestine actions at nighttime the days before.