Costa Rica: Students Protest Veto of ‘Photocopying Law‘
Thousands of students participated in a march in San José on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, protesting for their right to photocopy textbooks for educational purposes.

The unrest was caused by President Chinchilla vetoing Bill 17342 (known as the ‘Photocopying Law’) which seeks to amend Law No 8039 on Procedures for Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, on the grounds that it removes protection of the work and intellectual property in the artistic, literary and technological areas.

Governement in Guatemala attacked during demonstration
The demonstration marched in commemoracion to the revolution of 20.October 1944, when dictator Jorge Ubico fall down. Years later CIA establisht a new dictatorship. Police says that people who smashed a governement building are students:

In Santiago de Chile, October 15, a demonstration for the Mapuche clashed with police. The Mapuche were supported by anarchists and street dogs as you see in this video:

a few days before, Nuevas manifestaciones de estudiantes en Santiago de Chile llevaron a duros enfrentamientos con la Policía. Los manifestantes protestaron contra la llamada ley Hinzpeter, que prohíbe las reuniones en lugares públicos. Los agentes de Policía utilizaron cañones de agua, balas de goma y gases lacrimógenos para dispersar la manifestación.