Some conflicts in the last weeks:
– July 4,The Prime Minister of Peru has declared a state of emergency and openly condemned deaths which occurred during clashes at long-running protests over a US firm’s plans to build the biggest mine in the country’s history.

Three people died (two of them thought to be police officers) and at least 21 were injured as police, using tear gas and rubber bullets, battled with protestors opposed to the new £3m gold mine in Cajamarca. Work at the Newmont Mining site stopped last November as campaigners blocked the site claiming the construction wouldn’t do as much for the local economy than purported and would exacerbate pollution. The President has told locals it would generate huge tax revenues in their fast-growing economy: Peru is the second largest producer of copper, the 6th for gold.

a few day later one person was killed in a squatting fight with police in Lima

– In Diyabakir, July 14, police attacked a demonstration for Öcalan. The demonstration was not allowed. 20 people injured.

– July 12, people in Ardoyne defend their area against the anual fascist march and police. 20 officers wounded.

– July 24, people attack the construction area of TAV in Vale Susa.
Some police officers were injured.

– in Anaheim (USA) riots broke out after police killed an unarmed youth, who they said was a gang member. Trouble was for some nights an police fired rubber bullets into the crowd.

– in Berlin on June 25, Federal Police raided at night some ruins near a train station. Cops were hunting homeless people in this area. When they tried to check this people from Bulgaria, who squatted the ruins, they were attacked with stones and iron bars. 19 people were arrested.