Saturday, 28.january, a demonstration against repression, the killing of Oury Jalloh, Slieman Hamade and Dennis J., the „Urban Operations Conference“ (31.january – 02.february) and the „European Police Congress“ (14. – 15.february) startet in Berlin-Neukölln.
About 1200 people joined this manifestation which anounced before not to cooperate with the police.
In the beginning there was not so much police but later more special forces got closer to the people.
Thats why near Reuterplatz the demonstration left their way and run into smaller streets.
One officer in the demo was kicked to the ground and some shops were looted. Following police and their cars have been attacked on the way to Kreuzberg.
Later at night, a solidarity party for the demonstration in Friedrichshain was assaulted by heavy police forces. The party was in the Rigaer 94, a houseprojekt with long history of troubles.
Police say that people from the party smashed the Liebig 14, which was evicted last year.
Than policemen have been attacked with stones and laserpointers.
Police destroyed doors and walls of Rigaer 94, arresting 40 people inside. They mistreated prisoners and used lot of pepperspray and fireextinguishers to storm the bar.
After this some fires broke out in other streets, burning cars, trash cans and construction material for barricades.
Police says that they arrested 75 people and 45 pigs are injured.

See this video from police attack:

The weeks before the demonstration some cars were burned which belong to companys sponsoring the „Urban Operations“ and „Police Congress“.

Some fotos: