The train with nuclear waste from La Hague (France) arrived in Gorleben (West Germany).
After a trip of nearly five and a half days from Normandy in France the 13th delivery of processed German nuclear waste reached the “temporary” storage hall in Gorleben, a village in northwest Germany at about 10 pm on Monday +++ Police perpetrated massive violence and breaches of the law against demonstrators, injuring at least 355 with truncheons, gas, dogs, horses and water cannons +++ The 25,000 activists in the county were the second largest number ever +++ Resistance against the shipment began in France where activists reported police violence against them but also an upsurge of anti-nuclear sentiment in the country +++ In the Gorleben area resistance took the form of rail and road squats, chain-ons (one caused a 14-hour delay in the train journey) and massive road traffic disruptions, notably by farmers with tractors and agricultural machinery +++

The forest area between Leitstade and Hitzacker turned into a battlefield. Police spokesman said that about 450 „Chaoten“ (witch means Anarchists/Antifa/Antiautoritäre/radical left) attacked police forces in the most violent ways ever seen. These people used guerrilla methods and attacked in small or bigger groups the police with molotovs, stones, sticks, pepperspray, paintbombs, laserpointer and crowlegs.
Police says that patrol cars drove into traps and that 133 cops are injured, 20 of them not able to work anymore. 21 police cars are damaged.